New 2 in 1 Portable Nano Mist Facial Sprayer

New 2 in 1 Portable Nano Mist Facial Sprayer

Type: Cool-Mist Impeller Humidifier, Beauty Skin Care Device

Application:  Car, Outdoor, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household

Noise: <36db

Function: Pureness Type, Water Atomization Purify Moisten

Feature: Skin oil and humidity test

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New 2 in 1 Portable Nano Mist Facial Sprayer with 2 Spray-head and Skin Humidity Test Face Cool Humidifier Skin Moisturizing


  1. 1. This nano-spray hydrating instrument can moisturize, replenish, soothe the skin and reduce the secretion of oil, giving your facial skin a comfortable facial spa.

  2. 2. The water mist sprayed from the 25ml water tank is delicate and soft, penetrates into the bottom of the skin, moisturizes the skin without damaging your makeup, and improves the appearance of floating powder after makeup.

  3. 3. The dual-jet design and one-button operation make moisturizing faster and more effective, gently care for your skin and quickly restore your skin's supple luster.

  4. 4. This sprayer is equipped with a LED high-definition display, which can test skin oil and moisture to help you understand skin conditions and control skin balance.

  5. 5. Our sprayer is small, light and portable, allowing you to replenish water anytime and anywhere, and relieve skin irritation such as heat, sunburn or itching.

  6. Package List:

  7. 1 x Host

  8. 1 x USB Charging Cable

  9. Warm Tips:

  10. *Sprayer is recommended to use clean tap water or mineral water.

  11. *Do not use pure essential oils, pure perfume, distilled water, which will cause the cotton swab to clog and the sprayer to be unusable.

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