Wholesale 4 Color 20ml Mini Nano Face Mist Sprayer with good price - Kasitong

Wholesale 4 Color 20ml Mini Nano Face Mist Sprayer with good price - Kasitong

Product Name: Mini Nano Face Mist Sprayer

Color: Blue Orange Green Pink

Water Tank Capacity: 20ml

Features: Nano Misting

Usge for: Home or outside

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Product Information

4 Color 20ml Mini Nano Face Mist Sprayer Hand Held Skin Moisturizing Device for Dry Skin Makeup Hydrate


  1. 1. Ultrasonic Vibration Technology: It is used to atomize water into nanoscale fine particles to instantly penetrate pores and deeply hydrate skin. It won't ruin your makeup or cause any side effects.

  2. 2. Multiple Uses: Apart from hydrating the skin of different types and on any body parts, it can also relieve after-sun burns & redness, and even be used to enhance the efficacy of liquid skin care products.

  3. 3. Ultra-long Working Time:  Equipped with a 20ml large water tank, it can spray a largr-volume mist (20-40 ml/h) for continuously 30 minutes, which is sufficient to meet your hydrating need of a whole day.

  4. 4. Dual Safety Protection: It automatically stops charging after fully charged, and automatically stops working when its battery's running low. Just feel free to use this humidifier without any scruples.

  5. 5. New Material Design: High-quality ABS and polycarbonate PC are used to make the humidifier more tough, resilient, and impact-resistant; low-noise operation mechanism is adopted to free your life from any disturbances.

  6. 6. Additional Functions. The lanyard attached can be worn around your wrist or attached to the zipper of your bag, making the humidifier more convenient to use; the built-in blue night light can dispel the loneliness of a long night.

 Wholesale 4 Color 20ml Mini Nano Face Mist Sprayer with good price - Kasitong    

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