Processed by competitive craft and produced by high-tech equipment,Electric Foot File Scraper Callus Remover Feet Professional Matte Pedicure Tools Foot Corn Removal Dead Skin Remover Foot Care wins more favor from clients. And the finest material is conducive to its superior performance.
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Electric Foot File Scraper Callus Remover Feet Professional Matte Pedicure Tools Foot Corn Removal Dead Skin Remover Foot Care is designed in different styles and varied sizes. Other Home Use Beauty Equipment has passed a series of international quality assurance system and product safety certification . Shenzhen Kasitong Technology Co., Ltd. have always advocated the customer-centric business concept, aiming to provide customers with specialized, standardized, and diversified services. We focus on technology development and hope to make some innovations backed by strong technical strength.

Place of OriginGuangdong, ChinaBrand Namekyliebeauty
Model NumberLM0028TypeDesktop
FeatureSkin Rejuvenation, Pore Shrinking, Whitening, FirmingMaterialABS, Aluminium
Plugs TypeOtherWaterproofYes
Target AreaFeetWarranty1 Year
Electric Feet Callus RemoverRechargeable Foot Scrubber

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Electric Foot File for Heels Grinding Pedicure Tools Professional Foot Care Tool Dead Hard Skin Callus Remover

1.Ergonomic design, easy to hold and use.
2.Made of superior material, it is reliable and durable to use.
3.Speed adjustable, you can easily to control its speed as your request, fast or slow, more convenient.
4.Safer and more effective than metal scrapers and easier to use than a pumice stone.
5.Suitable for all kinds of people. You don't have to be embarrassed to expose your toes and feet anymore.


Q: Why does it stop after ten minutes of use?

A: It should be charged for 4-5 hours before using it for the first time. When the power is sufficient, the high-speed gear can be
used for about 80 minutes, low gear can be used for 120 minutes, which can fully meet the needs of use.

Q:Why does it stop working when the force is too high?

A: The product has a built-in anti-injury protection device. If you use it too hard, you will worry that the foot file will hurt
your feet. Therefore, when the force is too strong, it will stop running. But it will still work when you take the foot file off
your feet.

Q: Can it work when charging?

A: NO, you need to charge first, for the first time use, you need to charge 4-5 hours, that is to say, when the red light is on,
it is charging and cannot be operated, but when the white light is on, it's not charging and can be used normally.
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